What Tasks Are Completed By Nursing Home Administrators?

A nursing home administrator completes a variety of tasks to streamline how their facility operates. These tasks are divided into specific categories. These categories include finance, management, maintenance, and patient care. The following are the tasks completed by nursing home administrators that fall into these categories.

The Manager Role

The administrator must complete tasks to monitor and control their staff. The administrator reviews how these employees perform their job duties and the level of care they provide to the patients. They also determine when the employees have earned raises and when new employees are needed. The administrator must complete these management duties to the best of their abilities and maintain compliance with standards.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Th administrator is responsible for bookkeeping and accounting services for the facility. They manage payroll for all employees working at the facility. The administrator also creates a budget and plan for the upcoming year. They manage all the accounts payable and receivable for the entire facility. They are responsible for patient billing and inventory cash flow. The administrator must provide the board of directors with updates for the financial status of the facility.

Management of Hazards and Premise’s Liabilities

The administrator manages the maintenance requirements for the building. They must schedule repairs and inspections according to safety regulations. They must eliminate any immediate hazards that could lead to patient injuries. These conditions could present the facility with a premise’s liability which could generate a serious financial loss.

Monitoring All Patients and Health Care Requirements

The level of care received by the patients is the direct responsibility of the administrator. They must determine if the patient is receiving the highest level of health care possible. They must also determine if the treatment the patient receives is appropriate and effective. The administrator reviews their records to prevent critical errors that could threaten these patients.

A nursing home administrator must complete vital duties throughout the day. These duties require them to manage patient care and oversee the nursing staff. They must complete reports for all nurses on their staff and reprimand any nurse that is failing to provide adequate health care. Applicants who are interested an administrator position submit an application now.